The Conscious Business
Start-up Program

Put your heart in your business and your business in your heart

“Believe in your dreams and dream big. After you’ve done that, dream bigger."
- Howard Schultz

Have you ever felt torn between the drive for earning good money in a fast pace turnover of the corporate world and the freedom to explore a world you’ve been guided to?

I always craved a place where I could merge the two. In 2019, I finished my last banking contract, and I was unable to find a job.  I decided to throw all my energy into creating my own business – a place where I could merge my spiritual and corporate side. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made – I feel so much happier and back in control! I searched around for a business course that covered all the business essentials I needed to know in one place but couldn’t find one. It was so frustrating, So I have created this program to help people to start and/or scale their businesses. In addition, it is in a group setting (although a one to one option is also available for those who prefer that) as it can be lonely if you are used to working in a team. Plus the power and support of a team is so valuable.

Why now is the right time to start a business?

“Almost 50% more businesses were created in June 2020 than in June 2019, according to the Centre for Entrepreneurs.”

“Most economists expect the unemployment rate – which counts how many people are able to work and want a job, but can’t find one – to rise in 2021” BBC, March 2021

The Conscious Business Program

Choose the option that works best for you

One Day Business Course

Duration: 6 Hours, Capacity: Small groups of 8-10 people
Location: Online
  • Understanding the Why and What, Finding your Niche and Target
  • How and where to sell your product/service
  • Finances, Pricing, and Planning
  • Creating your Pitch, How to find Clients and Start Testing, Launch
  • Look at what is stopping you, creating an entrepreneur mind-set and developing resilience
  • Completion Certificate
  • Understand your offering, and Pitch
  • Confidence in Launching a business


Duration: 12 Hours, Capacity: Small groups of 8-10 people 
Location: Online
  • Understanding the Why and What, Finding your Niche and Target
  • How and where to sell your product/service
  • Finances, Pricing, Planning and Roadmap
  • Scaling your Business using groups, processes and collaborations
  • Creating your Pitch
  • Marketing, PR, building a following, testimonials
  • Look at what is stopping you, creating an entrepreneur mind-set
  • Completion Certificate
  • Roadmap, Finances, Offering and Pitch
  • How to scale using groups and processes
  • Confidence in launching a  business


Duration: 36 Hours and 2 One hour individual sessions, Capacity: Small groups of 8-10 people. Location: Online
  • Experiential
  • Defining the why, the idea, Niche and Target
  • Creating value, Marketing, PR, Sales Funnels, Scaling, Creating a free gift, testimonials
  • Practicing the pitch
  • Finances, pricing and Execution strategy
  • Roadmap: 1-3 months, 3-12 months, 12 months plus
  • Execution, Testing, Pilot and Launch
  • Completion Certificate
  • Vision, Roadmap, Testing, Processes, Pitch
  • Blueprint (created by you over the course)

“You have to figure out how to quickly, easily, and cheaply get your idea out of your head and collide it with reality.” Marc Randolph, founder of Netflix.

Trying to start a new venture can be really overwhelming if you have never done it.  Let us support and guide you

What Previous Clients Have Said About The Program

SP, Owner InnerTouch

I am a well-being holistic therapist offering Reiki , Hypnotherapy and Counselling .  I have thoroughly, learnt a lot from the course, incluing why it is so important to have a target audience  and niche – something to focus on so you don’t lose track of what your goals are.  I now have defined road maps 3 to 6 months to move forward based on how much I would like to earn in a month. I have had an amazing experience working with Meera in a team, and have a lot of tips to take forward – can’t thank her enough.


SV, Lawyer, Lawyer and Founder of Flow with Grace

I carried out the Business Course with Meera during the Covid Pandemic. Before starting the course, I was in the midst of starting my own business. The course was very valuable for me as it allowed me to recognise, confront and work through some of the limitations that could majorly affect the success of my business in the future. Meera was a very gracious teacher who was committed to giving her best and getting the best out of her students. It was a valuable experience which I highly recommend. 


AL, Events co-ordinator and Reiki start-up

Coming into the course, I didnt know 100% what i wanted to do or how to even begin however each step of the course really raised thought provoking questions that pushed me to go inwards and really find the answers. I was definitely knudged out of my comfort zone but it is what I needed to get started. Meera is very firm, kind and supportive which helped me to feel safe and comfortable when expressing my ideas! I found working with her easy and she really asks the questions that just get you where you need to be mentally and emotionally. Having completed the Entrepreneurial Mindset course, I have walked away feeling more confident, knowledgeable and ready to start my own business. I have managed to book my first paid Client and am excited about the future possibilities. Thank you Meera! 


EQ, Owner of the Agile Store Telling Company

For anyone with a great idea but doesn’t know where to start, I highly recommend Meera’s Entrepreneurial Mind-set program. Through interactive discussions and exercises, she’ll guide you through the stages needed to get you started, and help you if feel overwhelmed or are just stuck! She helps you with goal setting to achieve your vision, and hone in on the details of your idea by considering the target market, competition, etc.