If you want a different result, then think differently and take different actions

Are you looking for a credible speaker that is engaging, interesting, thought provoking and inspiring?
My presentations and workshops are interactive and inspire transformative thoughts and actions – the changes last long after the talk.


” On behalf of my wider team, I wanted to say a huge thank you for this morning! Everyone took a lot from it, from practical tips and tricks to engaging stories to shed light on the topic. You were so engaging and it was a powerful way to start the week.”
“A huge thank you for your time and energy this morning at a really great event. It was so engaging and the audience feedback has been excellent.”


Speaking credentials include speaking, workshops, both in person and Zoom ranging from intimate groups of 5 to large audiences of upto 250 people. You can see what other people have said below.

SOME OF THE Places I’ve spoken at

women-in-banking-and-finance 2

Zoom event: Leading with Impact. For Women in Banking and Finance, Belfast Branch. 

Unlimited Transformations Clients 6

The Power of Wellbeing, including Mindfulness. Hosting a series of talks and workshops around the country in support of  LLoyds mental health week. Ranging from 6 to 200 people

Unlimited Transformations Clients 2

Goal setting with a difference, 250 people 

Unlimited Transformations Clients 2

 Keynote talk on motivation, reaching high, believing in your-self and power of positive self-talk for internship week.

Unlimited Transformations Clients 6

Weekly wellbeing and mindfulness sessions for  the Programme I was working on. 

Unlimited Transformations Clients 8

Speaking about Goal setting using my three stage R-I-D Model (Reflect, Imagine, Do)

Unlimited Transformations Clients 9

Confidence workshop 

Unlimited Transformations Clients 5

I ran my own career development and leadership forum for over 10 years. A platform for professionals to share ideas and network. Also included presentations and workshops.

Oshwal Youth League, Nairobi

Seminar on confidence in Kenya – over 200 attendees with excellent feedback.

Speaking Testimonials

NT, Senior Project Manager, Barclays

Meera Shah presented at an event for the Head Office Women’s Network at Barclays to an audience of around 180 people with live video links in Geneva, Northampton and Dubai on the subject of “Goal setting with a difference”. Meera’s content was well researched and Meera presented in a very calm and humorous way which served to engage and hold the audience’s attention. Following the event I had a lot of positive feedback form people telling me how much they had learnt and could take away with them. Meera is a comfortable and confident speaker and I would recommend her. I look forward to working with Meera again soon.


TW, Sourcing Lead, Barclays

I met with you earlier today and attended your talk. The reason for my message was to say thank you. It was a very informative and energetic session. I am by nature a naturally positive person but can really see how I can build even more on this positivity and work more proactively towards my goals.

We all have periods of self-doubt and I can see the benefits of having a daily mantra which can easily be incorporated into my life. I also came away eager to do some reading and will be signing up to receive your regular newsletter. The session has most definitely  energised me to refocus and progress with my targets and goals. Thank you for that.  I very much look forward to attending your future talks.


UR, head of Belfast Branch, WIBF

I wanted to say a massive thank you for today’s event. It was so engaging and the audience feedback has been excellent.


GM, Manager, Natwest

On behalf of my wider team, I wanted to say a huge thank you for this morning. I  think everyone took a lot from it, from practical tips and tricks to engaging stories to shed light on the topic. You were so engaging and it was a brilliant way to start the week.



JJ, Radio Host show of Real Success Today, USA

You were amazing! Thank you! We have already had many positive comments about today’s show. We are definitely going to have you on again sometime. We gave our listeners a lot of value today. Hopefully for at least an hour, the 3 of us made the world a better place and if we just helped 1 person it was all worth it.


MN, Counsellor, Kenya

I just wanted to congratulate you on. The excellent workshop you gave. I found it both very enjoyable and knowledgeable.


VS, Business Owner, Kenya

Excellent workshop. Has really made me think about confidence in a different way. I will be practising the tools you have taught.


RT, Finance Manager, Banking

Thanks again for the very interesting and thought provoking meetup yesterday. I took lots of notes and will keep going back  them. Keep continuing the good job!



Great platform for people from various industry backgrounds to get together and discuss career growth and personal development. Good pointers and a productive evening, covering career, spirituality and philosophy


Flora Finch

Very much enjoyed this evening that included discussions about the importance of planning, comprehensive preparation, continued professional development [cpd] and protection of intellectual property. Thanks Meera for another great session!



This meet up opened my eye on few things I was previously not much aware of so. So good job! good ideas and advice.