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Global Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Educator, Tedx Speaker, Featured Author, Banker, Way Shower, Spiritualist, Personal Development Expert

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"Time to step out of the Shadows"
Are you looking for your next goal or vision but find that something is holding you back. Together we can uncover what this something is – is it lack of motivation, inspiration, purpose or the lack of a powerful goal or vision? Could it be your mind-set, energy, fatigue, fear or confidence holding you back? 
Have you been really successful in the past but are finding your-self hiding in the shadows (or behind a laptop!). I find that a lot of my finance and IT clients can be introverts and end up doing this. Lets work on strategies that suit you to overcome this. If you have an upcoming presentation – then I can support you with the content and delivery.
I can also help you to set a powerful goal, backed by mind-set reframing, high quality actions, habits and behaviours to achieve your goal(s). I am interested in expanding your thinking as well as your whole energy frequency and spirit – equipping you and supporting you with the tools to maintain and grow you for the rest of your life without burning out.
If you are interested in working with me, book a free discovery call to find out more. Or contact me at
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The Growth Mindset Program for Organisations

The Growth Mindset is a great tool to support your goals, visions, embrace change, develop resiliency and lead you into continuous expansion and success.

Let me help you and your teams to support the organisation vision, embrace change, grow personally and professionally whilst learning to manage your stress at the same time.

Mindset and Thought Leadership Talks and Workshops

Are you looking for New Inspiring talks and workshops for your organisation? Something which includes humanness, soul and spirit? Or you have an event, a team away day, or a themed week?

My talks are based on Mind-set, Motivation, Growth, Communication, Goals, habits and wellbeing including managing stress. I can also bring a unique perspective to talk about managing energy and mindfulness and heart and soul into your work. Bespoke Talks can be discussed as well.

Empowerment Coaching

1-2-1 Leadership coaching. Each person is unique and has their unique challenges, goals and aspirations. These one to one sessions are designed to find you, who you are, what you want and your challenges.

All sessions are held by me. I then help you using all my tools and expertise to guide and support you through your unique situation.


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Are you ready for your next Success

You are the leader of your life. Every leader has a team of support, and continuous to learn, grow and expand. Let me be that support using my expertise to help you move into what you truly want, and into the next vibrant stage of your life. Lets make sure you have a worthy dream and then lets go get it.

Trusted by Top Leaders since 2002

Business Award - Natwest Top 100 SMEs in London and SE England

Featured Author, Book of Hope - with Les Brown (no 1 global motivational speaker)