One thing 2020 has done is to ask us to step into our true power and purpose. Now is really the time – take this invitation and create some bold steps. Let us be your catalysts to help you turn the tide of change into your best yet, creating empowered mind-sets and running heart-led successful businesses. We specialise in working with professionals, founders, business start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs (both old and new).

Our Mission: “To create empowered mind-sets to enable people to live the lives they truly desire (and deserve!).

Conscious Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach and
Business Consultant
Unlimited Transformation About Meera Shah Founder

Trusted by Top Professionals, Since 2002.

RR, Ops Manager, Lloyds

“You are really making us consider putting ourselves first with the affirmations, daily gratitude and embracing negative people/ thoughts”

Turn your passion into a Successful Business

Follow your heart. If you feel called to join the increasing number of people starting their own businesses, then take a leap of faith. Yes it feels scary, but don’t let that fear stop you. We are more supported by the universe than ever before.

The Conscious Business Startup Program

Trying to start a new venture can be really overwhelming if you have never done it. Let us support and guide you

Mindset and Thought Leadership

Business and Individual Coaching specialising in Starting your own business, Confidence, Leadership, Self-worth, Visibility, Soul/Heart alignment and Wellbeing

Empowerment Coaching

Be seen, heard, and felt with our 1-2-1 Empowerment coaching. I am a deep empath and offer intuitive individual coaching sessions, lasting 60 minutes each.

Outcomes & Techniques


Techniques We Use