About Meera

Meera has a real sense of culture and living the international life on every level. She went from the cultural norm of timidity, being shy and holding back into the powerhouse that she is today.
Originally from Kenya, she then moved to London working at a very high level in the banking sector in the city of London – like many successful people do, she managed to end up in massive debt and depression. She has faced financial debt, living off credit, intense fear and the dark night of the soul for over 2 years, causing her to want to withdraw from the world. She has turned all of this around to be the person that she is today.
Meera Shah is a transformation and success coach, speaker, trainer and an awesomeness catalyst. She works with leaders and highly successful people who have achieved a lot already and are excited to build the next part of their dream.
To find out more, you can contact her at meera@unlimitedtransformations.com.
Conscious Entrepreneur; Empowerment Coach; Business Consultant,; Tedx Speaker; Author

CD, Chiropractor, Owner of multiple Clinics, MSc DC

Meera’s style is both insightful and persuasive and she has inspired me to be better at what I do. I feel very lucky to have worked with her and always refer friends and colleagues to her.”

Trusted by Top Leaders since 2002

Business Award - Natwest Top 100 SMEs in London and SE England

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