"That is one of the best workshops I have attended this year. Inspiring, expertly facilitated, ran perfectly to time and lots of new tools and reframing to walk away with. I cant wait to get started."

Don't settle for average. Bring your best to the moment.

Angela Bassett


This wonderful program is for Organisations, Leaders, Teams, and all Employees who want to grow even more or are undergoing significant change.

Modules include developing and maintaining a Growth Mind-set, Goal-setting, Motivation, Resiliency, Imposter Syndrome, Confidence and Stress. They are a mix of experiential learning followed by actions and habits to sustain and develop real change. The workshop and talks are very positive, full of practical tools and examples to think differently and push upper limits. They also provide best change practices as well as support in seeing new possibilities and growth that come with embracing change both on a personal and professional level.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Create a culture where employee goals are strongly aligned to the company vision and mission
  2. Increase employee efficiency by giving them support to embrace change and manage anxiety
  3. Higher levels of employee satisfactions and retention
  4. Increase in resilience leading to less overwhelm, burnout or sick days
  5. Develop resiliency as an essential foundation for any growth
  6. An employee culture with a desire and tools to grow continuously both personally and professionally

Delivery Formats:

*Can be tailored to align with any organisational change initiatives:

  • Talk (1 Hour), Unlimited number of participants, online or in person
  • Half Day Workshop (4 hours), 12-15 participants, in person
  • 2 Day Workshop (16 hours), 12-15 participants, in person
  • 12 Week Program, 12-15 participants, in person or online, 1.5 hours a week

– Prices include all preparation

– One to One support can also be provided in addition if required.

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