Be seen, heard and felt

If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you can’t" - Henry Ford

I am a deep empath and offer intuitive individual coaching sessions, lasting 60 minutes each. Clients have found these sessions deeply healing, transformational and often unlock limiting beliefs leading to a journey to think bigger and be more confident.

I use a series of techniques including the wheel of life, wheel of business, NLP, EFT, guided intuition, visualisations, affirmations, and energy tools depending upon the issue to address. 

Specialisms include:

    • Coming back into your Power: Confidence, self worth, self esteem
    • Starting your own business, looking at why, what and the essentials
    • Abundance, thinking bigger and stepping u
    • Presentations Skills training

Get ready to Transform your Business and Yourself with my 1-2-1 intense empowerment coaching

  • One hour Individual Session: £120
  • Two hour business transformation session: £200
  •  Package of 6x One hour Individual Session: £600

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