" Meera cuts to the chase by empowering me to find the solutions to take my performance at work to the next level. We worked together on sustainable strategies and triggers that enabled me to meet challenges head on and succeed!"

Believe in your dreams and dream big. After you’ve done that, dream bigger.

Howard Schultz

I offer strategy sessions, working with you 1-2-1. Clients have found these sessions deeply inspirational, motivating, transformational and often unlock limiting beliefs leading to a journey to think bigger, be more confident, and uplevel. We look at your vision or goals, what is stopping you, the  mind-set, actions and habits that need to follow.

I use a series of techniques including a life-map, a business-map, NLP, EFT, Strategy, Experience, Habits, guided intuition and energy tools depending upon the issue to address. 

Specialisms include:

    • Power, Confidence, self worth, self esteem
    • Setting Goals and designing your day
    • Uplevelling – your life and business
    • Presentations Skills training 

Contact me for more details at meera@unlimitedtransformations.com

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