Thought Leadership

If you want a different result, then think differently and take different actions

““The Pandemic Workday Is longer and has more Meetings.. Plus there is no difference between home and office life, making it harder to switch off....” Bloomberg

Business and Individual Coaching specialising in Starting your own business, Confidence, Leadership, Self-worth, Visibility, Soul/Heart alignment and Wellbeing

I work with companies to design, develop and deliver programs tailored to their individual needs. Delivery options can be tailored from the following: Pilot, Training trainers, Company Wide Sessions, Workshops and Training Days or Individual sessions Program include: 
    • Wellness including Mindfulness Programs
    • Inclusion Programs
    • Spirituality, Consciousness and Mindfulness in the Corporate World
    • Women in Banking
    • Inner Confidence

MINDSET AND Thought Leadership Program

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To address the immediate problem, I am offering companies Wellbeing programs to help employees through this highly stressful and anxious time. This helps employees reap the benefits and continuing the self-care, and help employers with having a more motivated and present staff. Personally I think this has become an essential part of the workplace systems after 2020! 

Program delivery options includes:

  • Pilot
  • Training Change Champions to deliver
  • Company Wide Sessions, Workshops and Training Days
  • Individual sessions
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Why Anxiety is so high and needs addressing straight away

“Stress, anxiety and depression levels soar under UK Covid-19 restrictions: Researchers say mental health levels may worsen as infections rise and further lockdowns are imposed.” The Guardian 16 Sep 2020

Anxiety nationally (and globally) is at an all-time high. Months of working from home, no social contact, long hours, the blur between home and work life – is all severely taking its toll. This is in addition to all the negativity in the media and the looming threat of redundancies whether you are in a job or not. And if you are not in a job, then the job market is not expected to improve any time soon. It is no wonder then that stress and anxiety is at an all time high.

When high levels of stress and anxiety are not contained or addressed early enough, this can lead to burnout which then takes a much higher toll on the mind and body, with potential serious consequences and is much harder to recover from. 

Some examples of what Burnout can do to you:

PERSONAL: Hard to think clearly, sleep or rest, Physical symptoms e.g. hair loss, neck and back problems, fatigue. Emotional symptoms e.g. anger, frustration, anxiety, panic. Affect all your relationships – personal and work related. Finding it hard to say no and articulate boundaries

COMPANY PERSPECTIVE: De-motivated staff, uncommitted, low morale and low teamwork. Reactive rather than responsive, leading to more chaos,meetings and emails. Staff unable to think clearly, leading to mistakes. Lack of clarity can lead to an overwhelm and an inability to prioritise. High emotions, leading to high absenteeism and sick days