About Meera

Step into my MAGIC

I am a forward thinker who works with CEOs, Leaders, Professionals, Small Businesses and Large Global Corporates.

I grew up in Kenya and then moved to London working at a very high level in the banking sector in the city of London. I have a real sense of culture and living the international life on every level. I went from the cultural norm of timidity, being shy and holding back into the powerhouse that I am today. Like many successful people do, I managed to end up in massive debt and depression, facing financial debt, living off credit, intense fear and the dark night of the soul for over 2 years, causing me to completely want to withdraw from the world. I have turned all of this around to be the person that I am today.

I now work with leaders, businesses and highly successful people who have achieved a lot already and are excited to build the next part of their dream. I have a wealth of experience in finance and leading large IT, Business and Cultural transformation programmes for global and banks at board level for over 15 years. Companies include Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, RBS, Metro Bank, Santander, HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds.


Is your goal worthy of who you are?

Embracing My Spirituality

The last 10 years of my life have been dedicated to Coaching Training in various modalities with who I consider to be experts at the top of their game. This includes a lot of personal and professional development, spiritual development, and self-enquiry. I have had the privilege of working with global masters, global teachers and spending time in retreats in energy centers around the world. 

I have the unique blend of corporate experience and spiritual depth – and how to embed them in a practical way into your daily life and business to create a life of passion, success and meaning.I am a thought-provoking and humorous enlightened speaker, educator, trainer, coach and consultant. I have a love for nature, sunsets and good champagne!

My Story

My Background

I grew up in Nairobi Kenya, in a joint Indian family. My dad was one of 11 siblings, so you can imagine the chaos with so many adults and cousins and constant stream of visitors.

As a child, I was always extremely intelligent but shy. In my big household, if you didn’t know how to speak up, you easily got ignored and overlooked. I also grew up in a very male dominated environment – both culturally, being Indian, as well as geographically in a developing Country.

I used to watch Western films and tv and saw how these women were really free and empowered. It was a life choice that really appealed to me. However, I also knew that being shy would limit me from leading this sort of free and empowered life. So I started to work on my shyness using lots of tools – from personal development tools to spiritual practices, acting classes and presentation skill courses to voice coaching – amongst many others.


I decided then to put my-self in the location of my dreams – I moved to London. The first job I landed in London was at an Investment Bank called Goldman Sachs. I don’t know if the universe was being kind or unkind to me – but one thing I know for certain was that in a place like that, there was no-where to hide! I quickly learnt to speak up and empower my-self.
I really enjoyed a successful career in banking for many years where I really grew personally and professionally. After some time though, I found I was unhappy as something was still missing – which led me to my next soul calling and involved my next transformation. At the same time, I realised that there were so many unhappy people, in a similar situation to me in banking – either burnt out or also wanting a change too. My calling was to help others to grow and expand and experience growth (and joy) in the same way that I have.

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't"

Henry Ford

Empowering Others

I help people towards their next goal or dream (or calling if that’s appropriate) – and to overcome anything that is holding them back. I use the tools and techniques I have trained in, based upon what I think would best suit the client. This can include things like goal setting, designing actions, changing mind-set, speaking up, being visible, removing obstacles or limiting beliefs. If appropriate, it can also include using intuition, energy management or spiritual practices.

It always surprises me how small people dream (and I’m not just talking financially). I like people to dream big and know they are worthy of achieving anything, including money and financial freedom. Infact, the bigger dreams are actually a lot easier to achieve! A lot of people don’t move the ideation into action. Daily consistent actions and high quality focused habits leads to guaranteed success. I want to support you in the next part of your journey, giving you the confidence, support and tools you need to succeed.


Are you ready for your next Success

You are the leader of your life. Every leader has a team of support, and continuous to learn, grow and expand. Let me be that support using my expertise to help you move into what you truly want, and into the next vibrant stage of your life.