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Why Resiliency is essential for Success

It is so important to develop resiliency to grow your life to the next level. The foundations you build and the mind-set you develop will carry you into your next phase of success. This is always necessary to move forward – otherwise as you grow, you will feel overwhelmed and anxious – and revert back to your old habits and comfort zone. I have seen this time and time again People start making steps forward towards their dreams, goals and ideal life – and then they haven’t built up the resiliency for this, so they step back away from their dreams.

Here are 5 tips to develop resiliency to set you up for next level growth:

  1. Your support network. Think about who you have around you in your network that can support your growth – a boss, a team-mate, a partner, a mentor, a coach. Make a list of your 5 go-to people who will give you sound advice. If you don’t have this, then create this. This will provide your source of safety and peace of mind. Don’t wait till some-thing happens to start thinking about this list – have it ready now. You will need this, as things always happen that we need support to get through.
  • Dream. VISUALISE an ideal day in your life say 5 years from now. The bigger your dreams, the more likely it is that you will achieve them. In coaching I have noticed that when often when I work with clients.. if the dream isnt big enough then there isnt enough motivation to make that change. Your vision needs your life to look so much better so that its motivates you to make the lifestyle changes for that step up. We thrive when we are growing and building our vision. The bigger it is, the more incentivised we are to make bold changes to achieve it.
  • GOALS – Small daily goals and habits that make you stronger and become the person who has the mindset, resiliency and frequency to live that dream. “you cannot become that which you are not”. The daily habits and the goals will make you stronger and stronger. Each small action, taken consistently, makes you stronger. High quality habits are so important – observe the qualities of how high quality people spend their days and emulate them.  
  • Develop a relationship with Creator. Finding meaning and a perspective bigger than you and out-side of your-self makes all the difference. It literally is the one thing that I don’t compromise in my day, no matter what. I start the day connecting with god, and hold that presence and support all through the day knowing I am not alone and that I am working with god. I pray every morning and every evening. Develop a relationship with source, god, creator – whatever you believe in. In those hard moments, you will remember that you are not alone and the answers will come and that you have got this.
  • Moving your Body – Resiliency cannot be complete without a discussing the physical body and nutrition. There is a very strong link between physically moving your body, the food you eat and how your mind feels. A sluggish body equals a sluggish mind. When I took off carbs and sugar out of my diet, and started working out with real commitment – I noticed a difference in every aspect of my life. I was sleeping better, I had more energy and I was thinking more clearly. The stronger body and immune, made me feel so much stronger.

So as a first step, I invite you to take this affirmation and own it for 5 days – make it your new identity:

“I am committed to my dream, my goals and I am willing to do what it takes.”